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$15.00 from Catalina today!

March 15th, 2011 at 05:32 pm

Ran errands today and here is how I did:

Walgreens: I kind of messed this up because I bought the wrong product last week and didn't get the RR for it. Then I lost the $5.00 RR that I did get. I need to get more organized. I feel like I've got coupons and ads all over the house. Anyhoo, so I was basically starting over with WAGS today:

Irish Spring Body Wash $3.00
Irish Spring Deodarent: 3.00
Purex Fabric Softener 4.99
Easter Candy 2.03
Less Body Wash Coupon - .50
Less Deoderant Coupon - .50
Less Fabric Softener Coupon -2.00
Plus tax 1.02
Final total 11.04

Received $6.00 RR

My total Walgreen's oop: $20.95
Total worth of products purchased: $32.98
36% savings

Next I went to Fedex Office and spent $2.46 to get an image enlarged for one of Samantha's 4-H posters. This comes out of the activities budget.

Next stop Albertson's:
Glade Air Freshener x 2 $3.98
Less two printable coupons -2.00
Less two coupon doublers -1.98
Plus tax .19

Final total .19

Received $1.00 oyno from Catalina

.81 profit!

Last stop Fred Meyer:

$103.16 after $12.67 coupon savings

Received $5.00 oyno and $3.00 oyno Catalina

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