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Shopping for Kids' Clothes

March 6th, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Saturday we went clothes shopping for the kids. I've been shopping for them around the first of each month. There was a bit more buying today because I buy them shoes in March and September. I buy most of their clothing at Gymboree and their shoes at Nordstrom. I know I could be more thrifty in this area. I have tried, at times, to do their clothing less expensively, but I have never been happy with the quality. Besides, I have FUN shopping for the kids at these places. Here is the damage:

Tennis shoes for Samantha: $59.95
Tennis shoes for Owen: 59.95
Flats for Samantha: 39.95
Socks for Owen: 10.00
Socks for Samantha: 10.00
Tax: 16.73
Less Nordstrom Note: -20.00
Total: 176.58

Original Total: $281.50
Less Sale: -108.20
Less 20% Coupon: -45.84
Plus tax: 16.15
Total: 199.51

55% savings!