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Shopping for Kids' Clothes

March 6th, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Saturday we went clothes shopping for the kids. I've been shopping for them around the first of each month. There was a bit more buying today because I buy them shoes in March and September. I buy most of their clothing at Gymboree and their shoes at Nordstrom. I know I could be more thrifty in this area. I have tried, at times, to do their clothing less expensively, but I have never been happy with the quality. Besides, I have FUN shopping for the kids at these places. Here is the damage:

Tennis shoes for Samantha: $59.95
Tennis shoes for Owen: 59.95
Flats for Samantha: 39.95
Socks for Owen: 10.00
Socks for Samantha: 10.00
Tax: 16.73
Less Nordstrom Note: -20.00
Total: 176.58

Original Total: $281.50
Less Sale: -108.20
Less 20% Coupon: -45.84
Plus tax: 16.15
Total: 199.51

55% savings!

1 Responses to “Shopping for Kids' Clothes”

  1. Jerry Says:

    It has been my experience that, in many cases, quality often offers the insurance of paying for itself. We live overseas and it can be hard in this country to find good clothing for children, but we do receive stuff from home periodically. Even the second hand items that we get for them are in like-new condition... and they are usually "the good stuff." Maybe that's because the bad stuff doesn't last that long?! Smile Besides, if you can afford it, and the items are on sale, then it doesn't lead to too much of a stress on the budget.

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