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$15.00 from Catalina today!

March 15th, 2011 at 05:32 pm

Ran errands today and here is how I did:

Walgreens: I kind of messed this up because I bought the wrong product last week and didn't get the RR for it. Then I lost the $5.00 RR that I did get. I need to get more organized. I feel like I've got coupons and ads all over the house. Anyhoo, so I was basically starting over with WAGS today:

Irish Spring Body Wash $3.00
Irish Spring Deodarent: 3.00
Purex Fabric Softener 4.99
Easter Candy 2.03
Less Body Wash Coupon - .50
Less Deoderant Coupon - .50
Less Fabric Softener Coupon -2.00
Plus tax 1.02
Final total 11.04

Received $6.00 RR

My total Walgreen's oop: $20.95
Total worth of products purchased: $32.98
36% savings

Next I went to Fedex Office and spent $2.46 to get an image enlarged for one of Samantha's 4-H posters. This comes out of the activities budget.

Next stop Albertson's:
Glade Air Freshener x 2 $3.98
Less two printable coupons -2.00
Less two coupon doublers -1.98
Plus tax .19

Final total .19

Received $1.00 oyno from Catalina

.81 profit!

Last stop Fred Meyer:

$103.16 after $12.67 coupon savings

Received $5.00 oyno and $3.00 oyno Catalina

Weekly shopping

March 3rd, 2011 at 05:01 pm

I did my weekly grocery shopping at Fred Meyer today. Unfortunately, they don't neatly summarize all of the savings on the receipt like some other stores do. Even the coupon summary on the bottom didn't include the e-coupons that I had loaded onto my Rewards card. I can tell you that my grand total was $154.47 after using $7.45 in coupons.

I may go back tomorrow. I had not kept the store coupons that come on Sundays so I was not aware of some deals until I got to the store.

On the bottom of my receipt I got an application for the Fred Meyer Master Card. I think that I am going to apply. The benefits are:

Earn double rewards points at Fred Meyer
Earn single rewards points everywhere else
Save an extra .05 off per gal at Fred Meyer Fuel Centers

I shop at Freddie's a lot, so this could really pay off for me. I'm also willing to drive the extra bit to a Fred Meyer Fuel Center to get .15 off per gallon.